Sedation Dentistry for Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Troy Gombert DDS provides sedation dentistry to Gilbert, AZ.

Do you or your child experience anxiety at the dentist? When you come to Dr. Troy Gombert DDS, our team will provide you with safe and comfortable sedation. We understand that many people feel nervous at the thought of going to the dentist. That’s why we practice conscious sedation dentistry. Dental sedation will help those who feel fearful of going to the dentist receive dental care in a relaxed manner.

Dr. Troy Gombert as an experienced and trusted dentist in the Chandler area. After he received his advanced sedation dentistry training through the DOCS Education, Dr. Gombert started providing excellent sedation dentistry to Arizona. If you’re looking for an excellent dentist who uses sedation for patients in Gilbert, AZ, Dr. Troy Gombert has you covered.

Our Sedation Dentistry Technique

Our simple technique allows patients to relax fully before and during their procedure. The staff at Parkside Dental Health will closely monitor you, ensuring that you are given the highest level of care.

The conscious sedation dentistry process begins when you take oral medication the night before your appointment. Upon arrival at our office, you’ll be required to take medication again. While you will be awake during the procedure, the sedation will leave you feeling safe and relaxed. It’s not uncommon for patients to have no recollection of the procedure or to feel as if the appointment lasted only a few moments.

Because of the ease of the sedation process, complicated dental treatments that may require numerous appointments can all be completed in one appointment. A trained dental professional will be with you throughout the whole procedure and someone will monitor your vital functions. When you come to us, you can know that you’ll be treated with respect and care.

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