Teeth Cleanings for Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Troy Gombert provides excellent teeth cleanings to Gilbert, AZ.

No matter your age, having healthy teeth is important for your day-to-day life. Some might be blessed with seemingly clean teeth, but everyone needs a routine checkup and teeth cleaning every six months. If it’s about time for you to make your next appointment, book it with Dr. Troy Gombert DDS. When you visit our office, you can expect high-quality customer service and great results from Dr. Gombert and his staff. We’ve been providing many people in Gilbert, AZ with excellent general dental care.

We recommend that our patients get regular checkups at least every six months. This will allow us to combat any plaque or gum disease that could potentially damage your teeth. However, there are higher risk patients who might need to come in every three to four months. These include people with gum or immune diseases, those who are prone to cavities or plaque buildup, diabetic, pregnant or a smoker. You can never be too safe.

What Our Staff Looks For

During your checkup, Dr. Gombert will check your teeth and gums for cavities and possible signs of gum disease. The space between your teeth will be measured and your gums will be checked for any receding. Our staff will also take an X-ray of your teeth to check root health. During your general checkup, we encourage you to bring up any pain or issues you’ve been experiencing with your teeth, gums or mouth overall. When you have your checkup, you can expect our staff to carefully listen to your concerns and address them the best they can.

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